VIDEO: Four-year-old Dublin boy's take on the Matilda challenge is too cute

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

The movie Matilda was an iconic part of many Irish people’s childhoods, but there was one scene in particular that always caught our eye.

After discovering her magical powers, Matilda starts dancing around the house to the song Little Bitty Pretty One and causes all kinds of household objects to hurtle through the air.

One Dublin boy has decided to try his best to recreate the scene and with adorable results.

Credit: Larina Lennon

Four-year-old Billy from Coolock, Dublin initially didn’t want to watch Matilda because he said it was a “girls' movie.”

However, mum Larina knew he’d get sucked in and after watching the iconic scene Billy wanted to know just how Matilda was making everything move.

“When the song came on he kept asking how was she doing it so I said we will do some magic. Myself, his dad Paul and my mum Lorraine helped him out. It did take about 15 goes but eventually, we got a decent take.” mum Larina added.

*Skip forward to the 1:25 mark to watch the scene.*

Mara Wilson, who played Matilda in the 1996 movie, can’t get enough of the challenge, tweeting her delight at seeing fan versions.

But what about Billy? What does he think?

“Everyone asks him now can we do magic and he says Ye,” Larina revealed.

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