VIDEO: Dubliner udderly fails to capture clever calf

Dublin man Niall Scully was given a torrid time by a rather cunning calf on trip to the country last Tuesday.

Cameraman Robert Keane set Niall the challenge of trying to catch one of the calves on the farm – unfortunately things don’t go too well for Niall.

The calf refuses to be cornered by the city slicker and outsmarts him by hiding behind some bales.

Even worse than being shown up by the calf, Niall’s friends take him to the cleaners with some good-natured banter.

* A small bit of bad language in this one

* If you can't see the Facebook embed you can also view it here.

The video has attracted nearly 95,000 views on Facebook since in was uploaded by Robert.

As for Niall he did eventually some redemption...

… although we are highly suspicious of the change of clothes!

By Shaun Cronin

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