VIDEO: After closing time in Cork - warts and all

By Conor Hallahan

Fighting, dancing, shifting, peeing, puking, falling, queuing for a cab and eating chips off the ground - it's the early hours of the morning in Cork city but really, it could be anywhere.

Entitled 'A Portrait of Cork by Night' this video shot on the streets of Ireland's second city is sure to spark debate on Leeside, depicting as it does some of the more unsavoury aspects of a night's partying in the city's pubs and clubs.

And yet, at the same time the mesmerising music by Czech street performer Jiri Meixner lends it a kind of beauty.

Watch and judge for yourself.

The clip was shot by Polish photographer and videographer Jakub Wojciechoski of MJ Studios, who has lived in Cork for 10 years.

Jakub edited the video together from footage shot on multiple weekends, mostly after Arthur's Day and the Cork Jazz Festival 2013.

"I wanted to do a documentary about Cork at night but I didn't expect so many crazy things to happen," Jakub told

He says that the video is a fly-on-the-wall snapshot of the city streets after hours, presented without comment.

"I don't think the film is passing judgement in any way." he said.

"Obviously I chose the most striking shots to make the final edit, but it is an objective view of what was there at the time."

Despite some on-screen fisticuffs and a lairy atmosphere at times, Jakub said he never felt threatened while making the film.

"Irish people tend to get more peaceful after alcohol," he said.

"They just want to have fun - in a big city in Poland you would see a lot more fights after clubs."

Having said that, Jakub admits that his stature and professional experience - he works in security by day - may have contributed to his going unmolested.

"Yes, I am a big guy," he told

"Maybe that helps."

(H/T: Red FM)

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