US police were called to rescue a toddler who got stuck in a toy box

Police in America were called in to rescue a young boy after he got himself stuck in a box.

Soona Choe, from Fort Lee in New Jersey, called 911 when her 20-month-old son Luca got wedged inside a toy designed to help teach about shapes and colours.

“I was panicking, I had to get him out, so I had no choice; I didn’t have the tools,” she told ABC 7. “He got in easily but could not come back out.”

Luckily for Luca, Sergeant Rick Hernandez was on hand to free him.

Mr Hernandez broke a panel, but he revealed in a press conference that back-up was on the way in the shape of a heavy duty tool had he been unable to get it done himself. Thankfully, that wasn’t needed.

“It was a priceless expression on his face,” Mr Hernandez said. “He was a little bit embarrassed about the situation.”

- Press Association

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