Um… that's not a dolphin

Some pretty incredible footage of a fearless female diver swimming with a great white shark.

Yes, a great white shark.

(GoProCamera via YouTube)

The diver in question is Hawaiian-born Ocean Ramsey, and the footage was shot off the Mexican coast.

(Ocean Ramsey. Pic via Facebook)

The diver said the video, entitled "Love Story" and released on Valentine's Day, was in aid of promoting shark conservation, and to show a gentler side of the much-maligned creatures.

"I love sharks," Ramsey commented on her Facebook page.

"Sadly, because most people fear them, they are allowing them to be killed off at devastating rates.

"Please help promote shark conservation awareness."

The clip was shot by underwater photographer Juan Oliphant and posted to YouTube under the account of the HD camera company GoPro, according to Hawaii News Now.

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