UCC student leaves thoughtful note and gift for hardworking library staff

UCC's Boole Library. Photo: Denis Scannell
By Denise O’Donoghue

Many students around the country are going mad for studying at the moment as they face into end-of-year exams next week - and UCC students have been filling the campus's main library every day, writes Denise O'Donoghue.

Queues for the Boole Library have been forming early every morning and snaking around the main campus.

Library staff have been very accommodating, coming to work early, staying later, and they will even be working over the bank holiday. It's a move many students have appreciated.

One grateful student recently left a lovely note and a little gift (with a promise of more) for the library's hardworking cleaning staff, sharing their thanks and admiration for the workers' efforts during this stressful time.

The note was spotted by staff at the library and shared on social media.

Can't see the Facebook post? Click here.

    "Dear Cleaning Person," the note reads.

    "Thank you for working extra late / early hours during study week. We appreciate it, and so do our grades. Thanking you!

    "Please enjoy the Hunky Dorys. P.S. Let me know which flavour for next time."

Their parents will be glad to know they raised a lovely person.

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