Twitter reacts to the resignation of Enda Kenny

As twitter users tuned into Enda Kenny's speech in the Dáil, there was mixed reaction on his final address as Taoiseach.

Some users expressed their praise for Enda Kenny.

Meanwhile other users were not so keen on Mr Kenny's speech.

Twitter user @gavreilly tweeted “Kenny didn't want to make a speech, “or listen to glorification or flagellation", but such are the Dail rules now that he can't avoid it””.

Later, @gavreilly tweeted, "Enda sits, and takes a sip of water, clealy having not enjoyed having to give a speech at all at all. Lengthy applause."

Some users were quick to notice that Enda Kenny's speech was relatively short and failed to mention some important issues.

Mr Kenny had to, of course, mention his native Mayo in his final speech as Taoiseach.

Micheál Martin and Gerry Adams also had their bit to say to Enda Kenny also.

Michael Healy Rae mentioned the importance of the Irish people in his address to Mr Kenny.

One user believed the happenings in the Dail to be 'respectful', saying, “Adams aside generally the tone has been respectful & congratulatory #EndaKenny #DailEireann.”

It wouldn’t be like twitter users not make light of a serious event with some witty responses.


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