Turn around: TV viewer hilariously trolls friend at baseball game

When Ben Hollon found himself near the front row of a baseball game, he was understandably excited – but when he thought his friend was also there to share the moment, he was thrilled.

After sharing photos of his incredible viewpoint to social media, the 31-year-old from Kansas received a text from his friend Bo Merril telling him to “turn around” – so he did.

What Ben didn’t know was that he was on TV and prankster extraordinaire Bo was at home watching him.

“I was looking for him for 20-30 seconds and couldn’t find him so I texted him back asking where was,” Ben told the Press Association.

“After a few minutes I got a text back from him with a video of a TV screen showing me spinning around looking behind me followed by the explanation he was actually at home recording me spinning around.”

The prank has proved a hit on Reddit, accruing tens of thousands of upvotes.

Along with their viral stardom, the two friends can be happy that their team, the Kansas City Royals, went on to beat the Minnesota Twins in the American League baseball series 10-9 too.

- Press Association

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