Trump criticised for ‘not good’ language describing record-breaking Hurricane Irma

With winds of 185mph, Hurricane Irma has obliterated islands and left a trail of destruction in its wake.

The Category five storm has broken multiple records for severity and remains on course to hit the US state of Florida where a mass evacuation is under way.

High winds and rain sweep through the streets of the Matelnillo community (Carlos Giusti/AP)
Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico (Carlos Giusti/AP)

Against the backdrop of destruction and alarm US President Donald Trump gave his assessment, describing Irma as “not good. Believe me, not good”.

On social media, people latched on to the phrase calling it an “understatement” and “stunningly inarticulate” while others turned the words on Trump and his presidency.

On Twitter, the president told residents of Florida, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that “we are with you all”.

He has also approved states of emergency declarations in the region.

Away from his interesting use of language, the president was being supported and thanked for his comments on social media.


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