Toy duck from one Irish mammy to another means 7-year-old girl gets dream present

One Irish Mammy's small act of kindness is likely to make one girl's birthday wish to become a reality.

Seven-year-old Roisín never asks anyone for anything, not even Santa Claus. So when she asked for a blue Beddy Buddy Duck for her birthday, her parents were desperate to find her one.

Roisín already owns a yellow Beddy Buddy Duck, which she has since she was born and wanted a blue companion her yellow pal.

The Beddy Buddy Duck (which now appears to have now been discontinued) is designed to help children sleep. They contain dried lavender buds so when microwaved, the soothing smell helps children nod off.

Roisín's mum, Carol, wrote to The Ray D'Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 to see if anyone could help in the search for a new Beddy Buddy Duck.

Good afternoon Ray,

I am HOPING you can help to find a blue Beddy Buddy Duck

With Christmas over, our 7-year-old daughter, Roisin is now looking forward to her birthday (in early February- not too many days away!)

For the 1st time EVER, she has asked for a specific gift (usual response is "Oh, I don't want any presents"! (she's like an Irish Mammy years too early!)

So we are now on a desperate search for the blue Microwable Beddy Buddy Duck - she wants a friend for her Duck, the yellow version that she's had since she was born & her father was given a few years before that! She cuddles him every night. He was once forgotten on the Luas for 2 hours, but was found (serendipity!)

We've searched the internet - no joy! Any links that we found were for old ads for sale.

We contacted the company that made the Ducks in the UK, but they couldn't find one as they were discontinued years ago??

If we can't get it for her birthday, she's happy to ask Santa for it next Christmas!

So could you please help us appeal to chemists/gift shops/the nation to see if anyone has a blue Beddy Buddy Duck anywhere?

PLEASE help us to find this Duck!

Thank you!

Ger & Caro Dooley

And so, the search was on!

Ray D'Arcy and his team put the call out to see if anyone could help Carol (and Roisín).

Step up to the plate, Anne from Mallow.

"I have a Beddy Buddy, but unfortunately, he's not blue - he is yellow. But he might do as a twin for Roisín's Beddy Buddy," Anne told The Ray D'Arcy show.

Carol's delight is clear in the interview and she is full of thanks for Anne's kind offer.

"I'm delighted to see it going to a good home," Anne added. "And Roisín sounds like a lovely little girl."

But the story behind Anne's duck is another heartwarming tale.

Beddy Buddy Ducks. Picture via RTÉ

"My late sister gave it to my daughter but my daughter has autism and she hadn't any interest in the duck," said Anne.

"It was upstairs in a drawer and when I heard the sister loved children so she'd be very happy for this duck to go to a loving home.

"My sister's name was Michelle and she loved children. But she sadly got cancer and she died three years ago."

Anne and Carol agreed to meet up soon to make the handover of the duck.

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By Steve Neville

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