Three things to do for Darwin Day

It may not be officially recognised, just like evolution in some places, but there has been an informal movement to have February 12 recognised as Darwin Day.

Why? Simple, he was born on this day 204 years ago.

So go out and celebrate. Here are some suggestions from us.

1. Teach a chimp to read and write

Well, they are supposed to be our closest ancestor.

(Via YouTube)

2. Build a planet in six days

That's how long the Earth took to build, wasn't it? So, if it's been done before, it can be done again.

(Via YouTube)

Not really a planet, more like a solar system, and this fella did it in six minutes.


3. Watch an entire series of The Big Bang Theory

According to Republican Congressman, Paul Broun, the Big Bang Theory "is lies straight from the pit of Hell".

We can see why from this clip of the series.

(Via YouTube)

Think we missed something? Tell us in our comments below.

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