Three show-offs that have upped the stakes for all weddings

Creating viral videos from weddings seems to be becoming the norm.

So we picked out three new videos that will make you pine for the days where the best man’s speech was the only post meal entertainment before the band.

1. Groom gets down with the groomsmen

Sean Rajaee and his groomsmen choreographed this five minute number to Beyonce, Backstreet Boys and ended with Bruno Mars to the delight of the room.

Rajaee got the guys to learn the moves using tutorial videos to get them (almost) on time even throwing in a slightly strange Persian number for new wife Ariana.

We do like the touch with the rose at the end though!

2. Bride loves her husband’s voice

Rebecca Zamolo, a comedic sketch artist, was moved to tears by her husband Matt who decided to sing for her at their nuptials.

Matt belted out Train’s Marry Me at the altar and there was barely a dry eye in the house.

3. Now, that’s a first dance

Jaime Hodges and Peter Fotheringham, from California, shocked guests when they got hitched as they delivered one of the best first dances ever!

Using a perfect outdoor setting in Hawaii Jaime and Peter cut a rather impressive rug as they moved from slow to fast paced numbers seamlessly.

We hope they’re all very happy together, even if they have now raised everyone expectations forever.

By Shaun Cronin

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