This Zara dress is so popular it has its own Tumblr page

Have you ever bought a new dress and then noticed, much to your dismay, that everywhere you go people are wearing the same one?

Comedian Lulu Krausse didn’t actually own the blue chambray Zara dress she started seeing all over New York last summer, but notice it she did, and  started surreptitiously taking photos to document the ubiquitous garment.

Winter came and the dress disappeared but when it returned to the streets of the Big Apple this summer she decided to share some of her sightings online and, voila, The Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress From Zara Tumblr was born.


Shoulder? I barely know her

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What’s so genius at about the blog is that Krausse doesn’t just post pictures, she adds captions imagining the conversations and inner thoughts of the blue dress wearers. “Ally should I become a photographer?” wonders a woman looking at a photo. “Oops I broke it,” says a girl at a jewellery stall.

So far, Krausse has never been rumbled on her covert mission. “No one has spotted me but my friend was spotted when he was snapping one for me,” she told us, and she’s just getting started. “I will definitely keep adding. I have around 80 pics to upload.”

Check out some of our favourite funny captions below, and see all of the blue dress spots (so far) over on the Tumblr page.

woman wearing a blue off the shoulder dress walking down a street in New York (Lulu Krausse/PA)

‘I can’t with work today’ (Lulu Krausse/PA)

woman wearing a blue off the shoulder dress on a subway platform (Lulu Krausse/PA)

‘Rachel let’s go dancing tonight. I need it.’ (Lulu Krausse/PA)

woman wearing a blue off the shoulder dress while looking at shoes in a shop (Lulu Krausse/PA)

‘Should I just get both?’ (Lulu Krausse/PA)

woman wearing a blue off the shoulder dress (Lulu Krausse/PA)

‘Do you have this in rose gold?’ (Lulu Krausse/PA)


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