This viral video of a cat in a monkey suit has sent shockwaves across the internet

Monkeys can be pretty adorable. Cats can be pretty adorable. Now here’s what you get when you dress a cat up as a monkey – oh, and film it snacking on a banana too.

Yes, this has really happened.

The clip was posted on YouTube on New Years Eve – and is now being liked and shared all over Facebook.

One of the cutest moments is when the the cat is lying down and we get a full view of its monkey attire. Then there’s the sight of other felines in the video looking rather unimpressed by the whole thing.

Admittedly there are a few shots when the internet star looks a little sad. And some people are, well, unsure.

YouTube channel “10 cats” are behind monkey cat. In the bio of their Facebook page, it says “I live with 10 cats at home in Japan”. Hmmmm, we guess they don’t get out much…

There’s other feline-themed treats to watch on their Facebook and YouTube account, including a cat going on a picnic (complete with a little rucksack, of course).

10 Cats. – I went on a picnic to Osamu and forest. He is… | Facebook

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