This video of Cork teen being surprised with a trip to Spain at the airport will melt your heart

If you’re the type of person that gets overly emotional from a ‘surprised mammy’ video or a cute cat gif then we warn you, this might just top them all.

We give you, dad surprising teen at the airport with a trip to Spain.

Even if you aren't the emotional type - trust us, you’ll need to tissues for this one.

The stunt was a master plan of Cork’s C103 radio DJ, Colum McGrath.

McGrath’s parents, Jennifer and Anthony were off on a holiday to Spain and being a good son, Colum offered to drive them to the airport and bring his son Seán along for the drive.

As they unloaded the car, Seán’s grandparents asked him to check the boarding passes on the Ryanair app.

A boarding pass for grandad … a boarding pass for nan … wait …

His reaction gets us every time.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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