This video from a Cork shopping centre highlights the true magic of Christmas

A shopping centre in Cork city has posted a lovely video bringing out the true meaning of the festive season.

The clip, posted onto the Blackpool Shopping Centre's Facebook page, shows a man visiting the S.H.A.R.E. crib in the centre before he wanders round the shops surrounded by all the wonderful Christmassy decorations.

After he buys a Christmas wreath, we then see him getting a Christmas card for his wife.

Nothing unusual in that, until you hear what he writes.

It's had nearly 60,000 views since it was posted yesterday.

Here's what he writes:

"Dearest Maureen,

I miss you more and more with each passing year. They say everyone copes with the loss of someone they love.

Some shed tears for their loss, but others smile, smile because they know they'll see tham again.

So until that happens, I'll keep hanging our wreath.

Merry Christmas,

Love always,

Your Jack"

John Hartnett, the manager of the Blackpool Shopping Centre, who dreamed up the campaign said: "I didn't expect this reaction and having half of Cork crying."

Well done John.

By Peter Towe

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