This version of Gogglebox with these British MPs is just too cringe to deal with

The magic of hit TV show Gogglebox is that you can relate to the people on screen, chatting about the day’s comings and goings on the telly. When politicians do a political version of it, it’s less relatable.

On Sophie Ridge On Sunday on Sky at the weekend, Labour MP Jess Phillips and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg settled down in some uncomfortable-looking chairs in a dreary office to watch some highlights of 2017 so far.

The result was cringy to say the least.

The pair discussed various political events, obviously coming down on different sides of the issues.

On Trump holding Theresa May’s hand in the US, Mogg said the action “elegantly symbolised the special relationship being alive and well. I don’t suppose he’ll hold Mrs Merkel’s hand, unless he’s very brave”.

Phillips called Trump an “open sexual predator”, saying she thinks Trump held May’s hand to “overpower her, or he really is scared of slopes”.

It could have been a fiery and entertaining exchange between the two opposing party politicians, but instead it was all a bit odd.


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