This teen got pulled over by police while wearing full Shrek makeup

A teenager was made up as ogre Shrek with a full green face when she was pulled over by police after a make-up class.

Hayley Mazmanian, 18, had been taking part in a fantasy-themed make-up class at Christian Arts and Theatre (CAT), in Corona, California.

She opted to leave Shrek’s trademark green face in place for the drive home in her Toyota Corola.

But she was pulled over by police, startling the cop who approached her car.

(Haylee Mazmanian/PA)

“On my way home I guess I made an improper left turn and got pulled over,” she said.

“The cop got startled and asked if I was under the influence and I said no. Then he was talking with his partner for about 20 minutes then gave me a ticket.”

Hayley’s make-up skills have been earning her plaudits online but it remains just a hobby.

She will be studying clinical psychology at Northern Arizona University from 2018.

The ‘real’ Shrek promoting one of his films (Yui Mok/PA)

But she finds people’s amusement at her situation “pretty funny”.

“I’m excited about how it (all) blew up,” she said.

The picture posted on Twitter had been liked and shared more than 300,000 times.


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