This talented mum made a crochet Predator outfit for her son

There are cool parents and then there’s the next level – parents that crochet full size costumes of extraterrestrial species from science fiction franchises for their son.

Stephanie Pokorny is just such a mum – and the remarkable Predator costume she crocheted for her six-year-old Jake is a marvel to behold.

The incredible creation took Stephanie three weeks and about 40 hours of crocheting to make, and is one of many items the homemaker from Ohio has made for her kids.

“It begins with my children telling me what they would like to be and from there I work from a picture and basically build from the ground up,” Stephanie told the Press Association. “I always save the head and face for last, as that is when the piece ‘comes alive’.

“I would say this one is my most ambitious yet, but when the littles ask… I work to deliver!”

Stephanie is the sole creator for a website called Crochetverse, where she shares her work with a skill she learned from her grandma aged 16.

“Crocheting is a wonderful stress reliever and outlet for creativity, there are so many talented designers who offer instructional videos to teach,” said Stephanie.

“Halloween is our family favorite so I do a lot during that time period.

“The remainder of the year I design and write patterns for other crocheters to make their own creations using my instructions.”

Aside from creations for her children, Stephanie also crochets adult-sized clothing for herself.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Stephanie’s designs, check out her work on Twitter and Facebook or visit her website.

- Press Association

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