This skateboarding French bulldog is everything you need to forget about the election

There’ll be plenty of talk about the snap general election over the next two months, so for now enjoy this athletic puppy instead.

Eric is a French bulldog, which is enough to get our attention right off the bat, so any additional traits he might possess would have our full and undivided attention.

Especially if, say, he could skateboard.

Yes, French bulldog Eric was spotted riding the board in a skate bowl in Hackney’s Clissold Park on Tuesday.

Footage of the incident was posted online by book critic Imogen Russell Williams, 35, who said she was at the park with her daughter when someone shouted: “There’s a dog on a skateboard!”

Fair enough – that’s the most attention-grabbing thing we’ve ever heard.

Eric the skateboarding French bulldog
(Imogen Russell Williams/PA)

Imogen said: “So we ran over to watch – everyone was very excited – and I filmed a bit on my phone.”

The footage has since been shared thousands of times – something that took her by surprise.

“I thought I’d tweet it as something fun on a day of general election doom and gloom – was obviously not expecting it to take off like this,” Imogen said.

It’s not the first time Eric’s hobby has made him a hit online. His owner, Claire Maclean, told the Hackney Gazette she was shocked to see him do it the first time.

She told the paper: “He was about six months and I was walking him in the park, and I heard this kid screaming ‘What’s going on?’

“I thought ‘Where’s Eric?’ – Eric had nicked the skateboard and was rolling down the hill! He was totally standing on it, even pushing himself.”

Good for you, Eric. All that skateboarding must make fetch a much easier game to play.

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