This Six One news guest is all of us in an awkward situation

By Breda Graham
Digital Journalist

There's nothing we love more than a good news blooper and we love it even more when our own make a blip on live television.

We've had former newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna of the RTÉ Six One News grace us with some of the best 'what' moments RTÉ News has seen.

This time it is a guest on the national broadcaster's news programme that has us howling.

We could not be more familiar with how Professor John Sweeney of Maynooth University must have been feeling when he was introduced in studio by newsreader Keelin Shanley.

The camera cuts to the professor who holds an awkward smile whilst keeping eye contact with the camera.

His eyes quickly dart toward Keelin in a moment of 'how long do I do this for' before he looks back at the camera, all the while keeping that smile on his face.

We can actually feel through the screen the man's train of thought during this moment.

Is the camera pointing at me? Where do I look? Do I smile? Where am I? Is this real life?

Stay cool.

We feel you, Professor Sweeney.

- Digital Desk

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