This mum gave every duckling in her local park hilarious personalised names

A woman is going viral for the cutest reason possible after she gave the ducklings in her local park hilarious names.

Morgan Lyon, from Texas, tweeted texts from her mum Stacy, who had gone to the park and seen that two ducks had welcomed 20 babies into the world.

After naming the mother and father Daisy and Donald, after the Disney cartoon characters, she decided to give every single baby a pun-based name too, and some of them are incredible.

The ducklings were named: Daffy, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Cheese and Quackers, Firequacker, Sir Quacks a Lot, Ducky Jr, Moby Duck, Waddles, Quackie Chan, Quack Sparrow, James Pond, Duck Norris, Aflac, Eggbert, Feather Locklear, Wolfgang Duck, Lucky Duck and Quackula.

Morgan said: “I thought they were really cute and creative! She could tell them all apart too, which I thought was hilarious. She’s always done things like this so I’m not surprised at all.”

Social media users appreciated the adorable names, with people tweeting that Stacy’s dedication to the ducklings had made their day.

Morgan said: “My neighbourhood has several ponds in it and she loves to walk over there to see the ducklings in the spring.”

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