This man responded to a long-forgotten tweet from seven years ago and it’s hilarious

A Twitter user with a brilliant memory – or just a very organised calendar – has responded to a tweet sent almost seven years ago, reminding a woman of a request she made.

Oneisha Battise tweeted back in 2011 for people to remind her never to have children.

User Doug Exeter took this extremely literally, reminding her almost seven years later to the day of her promise.

Battise replied saying that he had reminded her too late, as she had changed her mind from her original tweet. She welcomed her daughter Zoey into the world a year ago.

The tweet conversation has thousands of retweets, with plenty of confused people weighing in as to how Exeter managed to remember her request through the years.

Battise said she was happy that she’d had a change of heart in the intervening years and had a daughter.

“I love her with all my heart,” she said, adding that she couldn’t believe the tweet had resurfaced all this time later.

She said: “I found it hilarious, I never knew someone would actually tweet me back. I think it’s funny that people cared enough to like and retweet it.”

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