This man made an action movie trailer for his girlfriend’s dog

What is a fitting way to celebrate a dog that you love?

Making a Hollywood-style action movie trailer for him of course.

We present to you, Dougie the movie.

The dog belongs to 24-year-old PhD student Kirsty Capes, and the trailer was a surprise from her boyfriend Simon Davidian, who’s 25. The pair live in London.

He made the video of the golden retriever, who Kirsty has had for six months, while messing around with the iMovie app which he said he found “hilarious”.

“When Simon sent it to me I burst out laughing and I’m still smiling about it,” Kirsty told the Press Association.

“It completely captures how dopey but adorable Dougie is.”

Kirsty got Dougie six months ago (@kirstycapes/PA)

“As you can see from vid, Simon is obsessed with him too,” Kirsty said.

But the much-loved pooch came from pretty humble beginnings before gaining movie stardom.

Kirsty found Dougie wandering in traffic on her way home from university last year.

Dougie had fleas and was scared of humans when Kirsty first took him in (@kirstycapes/PA)

“He had obviously not been looked after properly,” according to Kirsty, “but after a while he warmed up to us and has turned out to be super affectionate boy who just wants to be loved.”

His vet estimates the pup is about three, and Simon gets on with him too.

“I’m basically infatuated with him to tell you the truth,” said Simon. “He’s just a happy-go-lucky dude.”

Dougie is now an affectionate dog, despite being terrified when Kirsty first got him (@kirstycapes/PA)

People on Twitter were going mad for it.

But what does Dougie think of his newfound fame?

“I haven’t shown it to him yet as I’ve been at work while this has all happened, but I will def show it to him later,” said Kirsty.

“He loves watching dogs on TV so I reckon he will like it.”

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