This man had an extra nail growing out of his middle finger

Doctors in Pakistan have come across an “extremely rare” case of a tiny fingernail growing on top of another.

It was discovered after a 28-year-old man walked into hospital complaining about the discomfort and pain it was causing his middle finger.

Double nail debacle (Randhawa et al/IJSO)

The patient, who had not suffered any trauma to the finger and did not have a family history of the “accessory nail”, also experienced “psychological distress” and was concerned about the way it looked.

Following an X-ray which did not reveal anything unusual, surgeons were able to remove the growth under a local anaesthetic.

A specialist found the growth was made of keratin – the main protein which makes up our hair and nails.

Surgeons say the extra nail is an ‘extremely rare’ occurrence (Randhawa et al/IJSO)

Researchers say cases of double nails on the hand have not been reported before, although there have been four previous reports of such a growth in toenails.

The article was published in the International Journal of Surgery Open.

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