This little boy left his dad a sweet note that has a hilarious twist

A young boy left his father an incredibly sweet hand-written note with an incredibly funny twist.

Eight-year-old Sebastian, from southern California, wrote to his dad praising his work ethic and telling him he can change the world. Oh, and also to buy him the game console he’s been wanting.

The note reads: “You are a hard worker you can make the earth a better place and if you work harder you can buy that game I want.”

A note that my little cousin left for his dad. from funny

His cousin Leonardo, username The_Dream_Walker, uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it now has more than 25,000 upvotes.

Leonardo said: “My little cousin didn’t just want a game, he wanted a game console which is the Nintendo Switch. Since it’s expensive my uncle didn’t get it for him but he did laugh at the note and it made him happy.

“My uncle has been showing it off to all of his friends and family.”

Reddit users also loved the note, commenting on how funny – and brutally honest – Sebastian is.

Let’s hope Sebastian gets the game console he’s been longing for!

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