This kid was overwhelmed by his YouTube video getting 1 like

This should bring a smile to your face - it certainly did ours.

US kid Jack - we're guessing he's around 12 - is a newcomer to YouTube, where he's called himself Sir Fedora. Jack posted his first video to the channel this week and has been overwhelmed by the respons.

It got one like.

"I can't believe we have the like," he gushes in the follow-up clip posted below.

"So I'm going to ask something big…

"Can we hit the 3-5 likes?"

Of course, it hasn't stopped at the one like - far from it. Jack's youthful enthusiam and endearing manner was spotted by Reddit users, propelling his post to the front of the site.

At last count, Jack's 'OMG' video had picked up over 14,000 'likes' and rising fast, with the viewcount stuck firmly on 301+ - YouTube shorthand for 'going viral'.

We can't wait to see his reaction when he wakes up/gets in from school and sees that he's become an internet sensation.

Well done that young man, and we fully expect to see you on the Ellen show in the coming weeks.



By Conor Hallahan

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