This kid got in trouble for calling someone a name that totally foxed her teacher

Kids are always getting in trouble for name-calling but one schoolgirl was sent home for her wrongdoing with a particularly hilarious note that will amuse gamers and internet dwellers alike.

A teacher sent the eight-year-old’s parents a letter telling them she’d called another child a “Hanzo main” after he’d stolen her pencil.

The teacher writes in scribbled handwriting: “Another student took her pencil and she referred to him as a ‘Hanzo Main’”.

“I have no idea what this means, however it was clearly meant as an insult.”

Her mother posted the note on social media, saying: “My husband and I have been laughing for half an hour”.

For those not in the know, it’s a reference to the first-person shooter game Overwatch.

Hanzo is an Overwatch character renowned for being a selfish choice because it’s difficult to play as, so usually not a very useful member of the team.

‘Maining’ means to choose that character consistently.

So, despite the teacher’s confusion, calling someone a Hanzo main is definitely an insult and seems like a pretty measured response to something nicking your pencil.

The game’s official account responded to the viral tweet, saying that although they “don’t support name-calling” they appreciated her daughter’s attitude.

Her mother said the girl has played a few Overwatch matches against bots. But she probably picked up the phrase from her mother, who’s started using it “in place of words I shouldn’t say in front of my kids”.

“She just knows I say it when I’m frustrated and someone does something that upsets me,” her mother said.

According to her, the culprit got a time-out for his misdemeanour.

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