This hashtag is raising the visibility of bisexual scientists

A Twitter hashtag is raising awareness of bisexual people working in science.

The #BiInSci hashtag was started this week by bisexual virologist Isabel Ott.

Posting pictures of herself in the workplace, she wrote: “I’m starting the hashtag #BiInSci to increase visibility for bisexual members of the #LGBTQinSTEM community. Feel free to join in!”

Twitter users took to the hashtag, sharing photos of themselves at work and tweeting messages of support.

Macroecologist Kevin asked people to remember what the “B” in LGBTQ+ stands for.

Andrea is not only a physicist, she also works in mental health advocacy. She shared her delight at the hashtag, later adding a photo showing her and her work.

Graduate students, PhD students, a TV presenter and many other scientists joined in.

It is hoped the hashtag will help to dispel the stereotype that science is predominantly for heterosexual white males, and encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to pursue scientific careers.

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