This has to be one of the most bizarre parking rows we've ever seen

Footage filmed by a van driver in England shows a woman refusing to move her car even though it is blocking in his van parked in front of her.

For totally unknown reasons, the driver refuses to reverse her car to allow the blocked-in van, which is trapped by a lamppost in front of it, to drive off even though there is loads of room behind her vehicle.

The video, posted on Facebook by Gary Da'Messiah Marston but since removed, shows the front of her car touching the back of his van which prompts him to ask her to move it, saying: "Get your car off my van."

However, rather than obliging, she replies: "Call the police".

After pleading with her to move her car, she replies: "Just call the police that's fine they can sort it out", at which point the van driver becomes completely exasperated and exclaims: "Am I in the Twilight Zone?"

At one point it looks like she might relent, but after opening her car door she instead collects her possessions and walks away.

Gary has since deleted the Facebook video, and posted a gracious response to the woman in question, saying: "It ain't fair on the woman involved, thousands of people abusing her, put yourself in her shoes.... anyway peace."

H/T: Daily Mail.

By Peter Towe

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