This guy’s photo with one of the world’s most-loved attractions really didn’t turn out as planned

There are certain places around the world that you’re just expected to see if you visit a country, and some merit their status more than others.

The Taj Mahal is definitely one that does – if seen at the right time.

Unfortunately, for former London resident Tom Bradshaw, sunrise was not the right time for him.

The picture that made it to reddit’s front page (Tom Bradshaw)

“Brad”, 34, has been in India for about six weeks and had already seen much of the country’s famed sights – the Golden Temple, the city of Jaipur, the gate of India in Mumbai.

But after getting up at five in the morning, the Taj Mahal wasn’t destined to join the picture book from his motorcycle trip so far.

“The fog didn’t actually lift while I was there, which was about an hour and a half,” Brad, whose picture ended up on reddit’s front page, said.

What Brad’s picture could’ve looked like (SteveAllenPhoto/Getty Images)

Luckily for the software engineer, the marble palace doesn’t sound like his most important stop on this trip.

He said: “I’m not sentimental. The picture was taken on the Diana bench for shits and grins, but overall the ‘monument to love’ aspect doesn’t make too much sense to me.

“It’s a very nice piece of architecture and the gardens are beautiful. It was worth going but I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on a transcendent experience.”

A tracker on Brad’s blog shows he’s biked from the UK all the way to where he is currently in Agra, travelling through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan on the way.

Given that part of that journey included a 10-day armed escort, it makes for an interesting read.


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