This guy’s incredible driveway art has inspired an entirely new subreddit

When Josh H went to clean his driveway, he probably didn’t think he was about to revolutionise the way the internet thinks about the chore forever.

But that’s exactly the reality the 29-year-old from Baltimore, USA is faced with now, after a power washer purchase led to some rather creative – not to mention inspiring – work.

(Photo courtesy of Josh H)

“I bought a 70 dollar electric power washer after seeing before and after pictures on Reddit,” Josh told the Press Association.

“Many people on Reddit find power washing to be very satisfying, especially comparing treated and untreated sections.

“While I was washing my driveway, I noticed I could use it as a canvas for art. I drew a cityscape because I needed to draw something with mostly straight lines, as the nozzle sprayed a line of water.

“I knew I could do a silhouette with the buildings as the clean part and the sky as the dirty part.”

(Photo courtesy of Josh H)

Josh then posted his finished work to Reddit, and it did so well that others decided a new subreddit was in order, celebrating the creativity of those who use their driveway as their canvas.

“I decided to post to Reddit and I found out that they made a new subreddit called ‘powerwashingart’ after my post,” said Josh.

“I am excited to see what other people can come up with to ‘paint’ with their powerwashers.”

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