This guy’s daughter employed very savvy tactics in an attempt to get him to buy her a puppy

Persuading your parents to get you a puppy is a tall order, but certain tactics might increase your chances.

That’s what one Twitter user’s child is hoping, anyway. Brendan Greeley, an economics writer, posted the following image to his Twitter feed which demonstrated that, while his daughter still might not get a puppy, she knows how and where to get her message across.

“CAN I PLEASE GET A PUPPY?!” the message read, with “a real one!” added underneath.

The message was written above a story regarding data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, which has become embroiled in a storm over Facebook data.

And while Brendan appeared reluctant to give in, those on Twitter felt her actions warranted a new pooch.

Even JK Rowling retweeted the picture, which had something of an effect.

Part of Brendan’s Twitter profile now reads: “Wife, children, dog AND NOW EVIDENTLY A DAMN PUPPY, TOO”.

Bad luck, Brendan.

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