This guy wearing hot pants is the best friend a girl could have

This guy has passed the ultimate friendship test by wearing hot pants, for an hour, in a bathroom.

Let us explain...

Andrew Nguyen, from Arlington, Texas was studying with his friend Diana Le at their college The University of Texas at Arlington when a crisis arose.

Diana was studying for an exam she had that day and just before the exam she realised she was not going to be allowed in the lab, where her exam was taking place because she was wearing hot – pants.

Andrew explained to Buzzfeed that a lot of the labs have dress code for safety reasons and without long pants, Diane would not be allowed in to sit the exam.

Andrew and Diane asked around the study hall to see if anyone had extra pants, but without luck.

Finally, as a last resort Andrew agreed to swap pants with Diane for the exam and stayed in the chilly bathroom wearing hot pants until Diane returned.

If that ain't friendship, we don't know what is!

The tweet has been retweeted 89,000 times and a number of people are praising Andrew for being the ultimate friend.

We really hope Diane passed her test and it was all worth it!


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