This guy used the US Flag Code to rip into Trump’s comments about athletes ‘disrespecting the flag’

Donald Trump has lately been criticised for his comments against athletes in the US who kneel during the national anthem as a protest to treatment of blacks by police, with the US president saying they are disrespecting the flag and the country.

In a speech last week, Trump even went as far as to suggest that NFL owners should fire players who kneel during The Star-Spangled Banner and expressed his views on Twitter:

However, a Twitter user who goes by the name HennyWise was quick to point out certain sections of the US Flag Code that people are already inadvertently breaking.

On June 14, 1923, which is also known as Flag Day, a federal code was put in place as a guideline for how to use the American flag.

The Flag Code, however, is not enforceable as Marc Leepson, the author of Flag: An American Biography, explained in Washington Post in 2008: “It has been part of the US Code… since 1942. But the Flag Code is not enforced, and it’s not enforceable.

“It’s simply a set of guidelines that carries no penalties for noncompliance; it doesn’t even have enforcement provisions. Think of it as a sort of federally mandated Miss Manners manifesto.”

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