This guy told the story of the snap general election announcement using Power Ranger GIFs

The world of politics has been given quite a stir with Theresa May’s shock announcement of an early general election in June.

In case you were struggling to keep up with the current state of parliament, public historian Greg Jenner has explained what the decision means for Britain’s political parties using Power Ranger Gifs.

After what we can assume was a pleasant Easter break, May stepped into her office this morning with one thing on her mind… Since the snap election announcement, it’s been revealed the Tories are riding high in the polls on 43%, a 17-point lead over Labour’s 26%.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the early election as he tried to persuade the British public he would like “to lead a government that will transform this country, give real hope to everybody and above all bring about a principle of justice for everybody and economic opportunities for everybody”.

Corbyn’s support of the decision may influence Labour MPs to vote in favour of the snap election and risk losing their seats as a result.

Over at the Liberal Democrats, the party are hoping to regain some of the votes they lost in in general election in 2015.

It claims 1,000 new members have joined the party in the hour following the election announcement, and sees the opportunity as “a chance to change the direction of our country”.

So there you have it.

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