This guy has the most hilarious way to find a home for cats up for adoption

Comedian Jeff Wysaski has an ingenious plan to use humour for a wider social purpose.

Realising that every year 2.7 million cats go unadopted, Jeff has decided to give his local adoption centre in LA a helping hand.

He’s done so by coming up with likes and dislikes for various real cats at the Sante D’Or Adoption Centre. Meet Lola – the adorable kitty who has some pretty specific historical preferences.

Lola needs a home and would be happy in ALMOST any historical era.

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Or what about Delores, the unfortunate cat that wasn’t originally a feline.

Leche is certainly the most woke cat we’ve ever come across.

Another socially conscious kitty is Grace, who likes playing with her toys but dislikes “the whitewashing of Hollywood movies: Grace believes in the accurate depiction of ethnic diversity and if you disagree then get ready to be told why you’re 100% wrong.”

Or there’s Sylvia, who loves a quiet house (who doesn’t?) but hates when jazz musicians call each other “cats,” because she says: “That’s our word.”

Jeff runs a project called Obvious Plant, which sneaks funny signs into the real world, much to our entertainment. Here is one of his fake classes at his local dance studio.

Please join me for this!

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And here is his interpretation of healthy eating tips at the grocery store.

I am catt.

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Jeff is the definition of living his best life.

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