This guy FaceTimed his kitchen so he could keep watch over his pan

A Marine who wanted to make his dinner while not missing out on his favourite TV show came up with an ingenious hack to be in two places at once.

Justin Hill needed to boil a pan of water but was worried it would bubble over while he was out of the room.

The 20-year-old rigged up a spare iPhone on a stand so he could FaceTime the pan and keep an eye on it.

Hill, who is stationed in North Carolina, then sat back to watch Live PD, a reality TV show about police officers.

He said: “(It) only took me about 20 seconds to set up after I found something at the perfect height to put the stand on.

“I was in the process of cooking myself some mac and cheese and Live PD could not wait.”

It’s not the first time Hill has used the techie hack to keep a watch over things while he was out and about.

“Once I can remember using it to monitor my dog when I left the house to make sure he wasn’t getting in the trash.”


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