This guy doing a Riverdance ice skating routine will blow your mind

Dancing on Ice, me hoop - this is how it's done.

Nineteen-year-old Jason Brown wows the audience at the US National Figure Skating Championships over the weekend with a Riverdance-inspired routine that earned him a standing ovation from the crowd, a silver medal from the judges and a place on the US Olympic team for Sochi

"They're gonna have to shut this building down for repairs after this programme," said the rather excited commentator.

"Because he's gonna blow the roof off of it."

Despite the green shirt and energetic on-ice reeling, Jason's not of Irish heritage (in fact, he's Jewish).

Bit of a pity really - with footwork like that, who knows what Martin O'Neill could have done with him.

(H/T: Cian O'Regan)

By Conor Hallahan

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