This group of baby animals chilling together are straight out of a Disney movie

One baby animal is usually enough to lift most people’s spirits, but this collection at the Hochatown Petting Zoo would be able to do a lot more than that.

Staff at the wildlife rehab centre gathered a number of different young animals and filmed them all together in one Disney-esque video.

From a fawn to many baby skunks this a very rag-tag bunch and it’s bound to make you smile.

Hochatown Petting Zoo

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The video, which has been viewed over 72 million times since being uploaded, features a baby deer sitting peacefully, a raccoon, and a number of kittens and skunks.

Disney HAS to make that movie, and the video’s setting provides a great storyline.

All animals at the Hochatown Petting Zoo, in Oklahoma, are orphaned or have been injured, and are released back into the wild at the appropriate time.

That one would definitely be a tearjerker.