This golfer had to strip down to his underwear to play a shot from the water

To become a top level athlete requires a lot of things, but shedding your clothes during a tournament isn’t usually one of them.

It was for French golfer Matthieu Pavon however, when the 25-year-old found himself in the water during the opening round of the 2018 Portugal Masters.

With his ball precariously positioned on the par five 12th hole, Pavon decided his trousers, socks and shoes all had to go in an effort to maintain his momentum.

To be fair, that’s an impressive effort. Forget the sand wedge, this iron was water friendly.

Pavon went on to pick up two more shots and finish the round three under par, sitting tied for 27th with a group of others.

Should anyone else find the water on the 12th hole this weekend, they might do well to follow Pavon’s example.

- Press Association

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