This donkey stuck in a drainpipe is having a worse day than you

Think you're having a crap day? Look at it this way - at least you're not this donkey in Switzerland, who managed to get himself stuck in a drain.

The unfortunate mishap took place on Saturday last in Pratteln, located in the north of the country close to the city of Basel. It's not know how the donkey fell into the drain but the poor fellow was spotted by a passer-by who alerted authorities around 8am in the morning.

"The animal's hindquarters got trapped in the drain about a metre deep," said a statement issued by local canton authorities.

"It wasn't able to pull itself out and in the end the Pratteln fire brigade had to help get it out of this unfortunate situation."

Three cheers for the fire brigade!

Officials said the donkey - a 13-year-old named Nilo, according to local reports - wasn't seriously hurt during his ordeal, sustaining some minor wounds for which he received veterinary attention.

Soon enough he was back on his feet and home at a nearby children's petting zoo.

Police said they are still investigating how he came to be in the hole.

Pictures: Basel Police

By Conor Hallahan

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