This college student in Texas got an icy surprise after his friends slid him across a frozen pool

When you combine college students with an ice-covered swimming pool, there’s unfortunately usually only one outcome. Someone’s getting cold and wet.

That’s exactly how it went for a student at Texas A&M University when his friends put some money together to encourage him to slide across a frozen pool at an apartment complex in College Station, Texas.

Obviously, don’t try this. Now, prepare for a not-at-all surprising twist.

The video was filmed by Edgar Vazquez, 19, a business major at Texas A&M University, who said the slider in question, Raul, earned his money the chilly way.

“We’re college students at A&M and were having fun in the frozen weather,” said Vazquez. “We noticed the pool was frozen and wanted to see what we could do. We tried walking on it, but you’d fall after a couple of steps, so we tried the chair.

“We noticed with the chair, and a body on top of it, it didn’t crack,” he continued. “So we tried to glide my friend Raul, but it didn’t work! Of course, he knew it was risky, so we each promised him five dollars adding up to 25 dollars, and he was paid.”

The video has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, with many clearly baffled by what they saw.

The most important thing though, is the safety of Raul.

“He took a quick shower as soon as he got out, he never got sick!” said Vazquez. “It was a great fall for all of us, he enjoyed it as well. He’s an internet sensation.”

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