This church fundraiser from 2014 is going viral for all the right reasons

In this day and age, it seems you can’t go to/take part in any event without it being documented on social media in some way, writes Anna O'Donoghue.

Turns out, it’s not just 2017 - this video of a Waterford church performance has emerged from 2014 and we have got a feeling some participants thought they’d have gotten away with it. 

First, think Riverdance then think ... Mrs Brown’s Boys ... and mass. 

According to Ruthie Ragget, who filmed the clip, the performance was the finale of a fundraiser to raise money to put a new roof on the church of St. Mollerans, CarrickBeg, Co. Waterford.

The group in the video is made up of local men and women who fundraise regularly for local and national charities and organisations such as Carrick-on-Suir River Rescue, Niall Mellon, Cystic Fibrosis, St. Mollerans hurling club.

The group are still going strong and currently in the early stages of planning their next event which will be in aid of the homeless.

Further photos and videos of the group can be found on the ’Carrick Relief’ Facebook page

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