This cat makes the long journey for cuddles whenever its owners get home

Many cat owners are all too aware of how aloof kitties can be, so it was refreshing to see one mog greet its owners as if it were a forlorn Labrador.

Bean is an almost one-year-old rescue cat, adopted by Marnie, 32, from Cat Rescue Dunedin in New Zealand.

“She is gentle, playful and never stops purring,” Marnie told the Press Association, and that shows whenever her owners arrive home.

“Bean has been meeting us this way for several months now, rain hail or shine,” said Marnie.

“If we arrive home a little earlier than expected we will often see her tearing down the street or across the yard to get into position and begin her routine from scratch, never coming straight to the car even if we’re already in the driveway.

“Usually she is much faster to get down to the car, but the one time I decided to film it she went on this ridiculous go-slow mode.”


It’s an adorable routine, but the question is, does Bean greet her owners for love, or snacks?

“She has never been a food-focused cat, always making sure she gets a good dose of cuddles in first,” said Marnie.

“She just loves people, especially my partner who is a landscaper. When people visit our house Bean is usually in their arms before they reach the front door, and she has been known to hop into arriving visitors’ cars and even had sleepovers with the neighbour’s kitten when she was little (much to our anxiety).”


It looks as though Bean is taking responsibility for changing the image of the feline family on her own – watch out dogs, there’s a new friendly animal in town.

To learn more about Cat Rescue Dunedin, where Bean was adopted, click here.

- Press Association

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