This breathtaking Lego Lord of the Rings battle will blow you away

150,000 lego bricks, 2,000 minifigs, six months of building, 180kg of brilliance – this is one of the most amazing Lego builds we've ever seen.

Created by Goel Kim, this mammoth representation of the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings is painstakingly detailed.

"It weighed about more than 400 pounds and it took me about six months to build," Kim told BreakingNews, "with a year and half collecting bricks and mini figures from around the world.

"I tried to make this MOC 360 degree display that required more bricks."

The result is, we think you'll agree, amazing. Photos used here with Kim's permission.

For reference, this is what the offical Lego Battle of Helm's Deep looks like:

You can see even more of this brilliant work at Kim's own post on Lego's My Own Creations, or on his Flickr feed.

Incredible work.

By Dave Molloy

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