This BBC announcers' phone went off during their biggest show last night

Continuity announcers - those cheerful voices between programmes that tell you what's on next - seem to have an easy job. That is, until you realise that they're doing it all live.

Unfortunately for one announcer on BBC1, he forgot to switch his phone off before making the announcement just before one of the channel's most popular shows.

"Crack an egg and make some speciality breads!" the announcer says, as the stereotypical ding-a-ling of an Apple iPhone begins in the background.

"Next on BBC one, it's Paul's big thing, but baguettes can be brutal in Bake-Off, but how we spend our dough reveals who we are, as, er, wh- sorry, um ..." he said.

Oh dear. Still, such are the perils of live TV.

Still, it's not quite as big a slip-up as sportscaster Chris Mitchell, who last month forgot his iPad - and decided to pretend he was using it anyway.

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