This awesome marble machine creation will make you feel like you've achieved nothing in life

Introducing to you… Marble Mountain.

Now, we don’t want to boast but we definitely made marble machines as a kid that were pretty impressive… but yeah, nothing quite like this.

Woodworker Ben Tardif writes on his YouTube: “It took 3 years to get to this point of being able to turn it on and watch it go, and I will continue to work on it and get it fully completed.”

In the description of the video, it says the marble machine creation is made up of 25 sections. That’s TWENTY FIVE.

The mountain even has a ski slope – complete with snow, of course (Screenshot/YouTube)

Every element will be themed when the whole thing is eventually finished – and each one relates to an aspect of Ben’s life, such as a roller coaster, ski jump, Times Square, Lombard Street, and a skatepark.

And since posting the YouTube clip on Reddit, he’s been getting feedback from a lot of people who are seriously impressed. In fact, the video hit the front page of the site.

FYI, Ben has been using his Instagram to show the progess of Marble Mountain.

And want to know some crazy facts about how he’s made it? Well, the tracks and supports are made almost entirely of wood, 250 marbles are needed to keep the creation running without delay – but “it looks better” with 300 – and there are 32 possible paths for them to go down.


Impressive, Ben. Very impressive.


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