This adorable robot butler proves the future is here

For anyone terrified about a robot uprising, this viral video of a cute electronic butler will put your mind at ease.

Lucy James, a video producer at GameSpot, posted the adorable robot helper to Twitter after she found it was available at her hotel.

James posted videos of the little bot bringing a drink to her New York hotel room.

She said: “I’ve never come across one before, and I sort of did a double take when the woman at the check in desk mentioned that they had one.

“The only thing I asked them to send up was a drink from the lobby, but you could ask him to bring up other small items like snacks, toothpaste, etc.”

The robot is an ALO Botlr and makes deliveries, calls lifts and allows guests to rate its performance.

Social media users loved the friendly robot, with the video of it delivering a fizzy drink reaching more than 23,000 views.

Many said that if robots like this one were to take over the world, they’d be just fine with that.

James said: “I’ve seen a couple of robots in Japanese stores before, and they were typically quite adorable too. I suppose it makes the inevitable robot uprising seem less terrifying.”

She posted the videos from Aloft Hotel in Long Island City, New York.

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