This 3-year-old's rant about zoos will make you think about how we treat animals

A video has been posted online of a three-year-old kid criticising zoos.

Now you may have something to say for and against zoos, but it's interesting to hear a child's perspective on the subject of how people treat animals.

Since it was posted on Facebook yesterday, it's garnered more than three million views and quite a few comments, for and against.

Have a look and see for yourself.

Here's a transcript of that she says, with the occasional interjection from her parents.

"And these people are not nice people."


"The people who own them."

"Who owns what Ollie?"

"The animals."

"But they're nice, but they just don't know that. They see animals and they lock them up. That's not right. That's like jail. They're not being naughty.

"No, they're not being naughty, they're just being animals."

"Yes, they just want to get out."

"They do mate, you're speaking so much sense."

"But, they don't get out and run away from these people."

By Peter Towe

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